• Ver. 3.19b and WinXP?

    From Digital Man@VERT to MRO on Fri Dec 30 13:35:20 2022
    Re: Ver. 3.19b and WinXP?
    By: MRO to Digital Man on Fri Dec 30 2022 04:49 am

    So meanwhile, like before, what you represent on the website is something with defects.

    Every software program of any substance has defects.

    this guy got 3.19b and had problems.

    And he has a solution:

    You could just put a fixed up version with the installer for the new people.

    It takes literally *days* of work to put together an official release. I don't do that more than once or twice a year for a good reason.

    I know in this case it's trivial because nobody wants to run xp, but there have been more serious issues.

    I'm not clear what your point is. If the sysop wants to run a newer version that compatible with XP, he can.

    You're really throwing a roadblock by ignoring what you represent and putting so much into cvs and later git.

    Synchronet has official releases more often than any other BBS software... and it's not frequent enough for you?

    Synchronet has nightly development builds available for Windows and Linux-x86, and that's not enough for you?

    New people don't know how to update properly.

    "People" do it all the time.

    that's why synchronet has
    such a bad reputation and people can say only programmers can run it.

    Because I don't make releases often enough? I don't buy that.

    It's bad enough we lost most of our users, now we are losing new sysops. Please just try to put yourself in these people's shoes. Shit gets really convoluted with the way you guys do things. It could be worse, but it could also be better.

    Whatever dude.
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    Re: Ver. 3.19b and WinXP?
    By: MRO to Digital Man on Fri Dec 30 2022 08:20 pm

    Re: Ver. 3.19b and WinXP?
    By: Digital Man to MRO on Fri Dec 30 2022 05:42 pm

    it go like that.

    There is no such thing as "a perfect release" of any software of any complexity. There will be bugs. You just seem to have a particular peeve about this one.

    Well it's happened frequently.

    No, there has never been a bug-free Synchronet release and I know there never will be one.

    You just know it's broken like before, yet
    it's still on the website for download as a release.

    I wouldn't even call the issue you're describing "a bug", but whatever, yeah, it's a known issue. There's *always* known issues in every software release even at the time of release.

    It just seems sloppy, and I don't know why'd you'd be happy doing that.

    The release still works for fine for 99.9% of the sysops that want to use. And there are other versions available for that other .1%. I'm pretty happy with that, yeah.

    It would probably just be better to yank the installer and tell people
    to just grab things on git and get the binaries from your file server if needed.

    That's stupid talk.

    The Windows XP sysop has options. I don't know why you're involved in the discussion at all - you said yourself they shouldn't be running Windows XP on an Internet-connected computer (e.g. a BBS).

    i just tested it out because he said it wasnt working.
    then i see it's an old bug and the release is still there with that issue. That's one of the reasons people badmouthed synchronet over the years. People had one problem and then decided to go to mystic.

    Please, do me a favor and go to mystic and tell me have you have zero issues.

    Like I said, it's yours and you can do what you want with it. I just couldn't believe you were blind to what was going on. This XP thing is just a little stupid issue, but there's been bigger ones in the past that you handled the same way.

    What if you bought a new car and it cuts out at every red light? They said the car was fine when you bought it.
    Then you find out that everyone's been having the same problem for years. You go on the website and see that there's a part you need to replace. It's not that hard but you still think the car manufacturer is a dipshit for putting it out there like that. I know I would.

    Granted, your stuff is free and this is a hobby. but still, it just seems weird you leave something busted as a release on your website for a year, and in the past there's been releases on the website for YEARS with issues.

    "busted" - I think exaggerating a little there. It doesn't work on Windows 95 either, yet you don't take issue with that fact?

    I don't know if you don't care, or it does not compute or what.

    Software has issues. And this particular issue has already been fixed and the version with that fix is available for download and future versions should not have that same issue, but they'll have other, new issues. It's a fact of life.
    digital man (rob)

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    Re: Ver. 3.19b and WinXP?
    By: Digital Man to MRO on Sat Dec 31 2022 02:55 am

    Re: Ver. 3.19b and WinXP?
    By: MRO to Digital Man on Sat Dec 31 2022 03:24 am

    You're being willfully ignorant by saying I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm going by what i've seen in the past 22+ years.

    I've been making Synchronet releases for 30 years now. I know that I know what I am talking about.

    That's the way you want to do things and synchronet is your software and that's fine.
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