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    Hey DM,

    I've been playing with SVDM of late (using Portal of Power as the frontend, and my old Ezycom BBS).

    I've noticed a repeatible issue - I'm not sure how to provide more debugging if you are interested.

    I'm running on Windows 7, 32 bit.

    If I leave POP running, with a regular daily poll to my linux mailer, after some time (havent counted), the polls start to fail. I can see from the logs that a connection is made to my linux mailer, it responds but it is like SVDM doesnt pass through the response back and thus POP thinks the remote end is "sleeping". An EMSI session never starts.

    Naturally shutting down the mailer and restarting and I'm good to go.

    I have noticed however, that while outbound calls fail, inbound calls work as expected. Further, after an inbound call (and exiting to the BBS), upon return, an outbound call works again (for a random number of times) before failing with the same symptoms above.

    Is this enough for you to understand what's not working?

    SVDM reports itself as v0.2.


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    Re: SVDM
    By: deon to Digital Man on Mon Dec 26 2022 10:39 am

    Re: SVDM
    By: Digital Man to deon on Wed Dec 21 2022 04:35 pm

    Cool. I've been planning to make another demo video and then call that version 1.0 and release it officially, but haven't prioritized that yet. If

    Great, when you do, can I make a recommendation?

    Yes, of course.

    I've notice a sprawl of client.ini, dosxtrn.env and dosxtrn.ret on my system (as I've been playing around), in many locations. I'm assuming that they are created in the "current"(?) directory when SVDM is started?

    Are they needed to kept?

    No, not really. Sometimes useful for debuging purposes.

    I was going to ask if:
    * A setting in svdm.ini could have them all go in a 'temp' directory - and then perhaps suffixed by a port (or something else) - in case there are more than 1 SVDMs running at a time, OR
    * Deleting them on exit (unless say -d is used, then it probably makes sense to keep them?

    Yeah, I'll look into cleaning up those files.

    Anyway, SVDM is pretty cool - and does the job nicely :)

    Awesome. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this particular issue quickly. --
    digital man (rob)

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