• Editor quoted text wrapping

    From Nightfox@VERT/DIGDIST to Digital Man on Wed Dec 14 08:27:11 2022
    Re: Editor quoted text wrapping
    By: Digital Man to Nightfox on Tue Dec 13 2022 11:34 pm

    QUOTES.TXT I'll have to look into where I can check that. I
    imagine I can check xtrn_area.editor[user.editor].settings for

    Yes, the XTRN_QUOTEWRAP bit-flag.

    There's also an option for the number of columns to wrap to (a number,
    or the user's terminal width). Is there a way to check for that value
    in JS?

    Not easily: that setting isn't directly modeled). However, you could use the cnflib.js to load xtrn.cnf and find that setting, or wait until v3.20a, where that setting is (much) easier to parse from xtrn.ini (converted form the old xtrn.cnf), OR just assume it's 0 (wrap to user's terminal width). That's likely the most common setting anyway.

    OK, thanks.
    I may look into using cnflib.js for now to see if I can get the setting that way.


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