• SynchTERM on Windows 2000

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    Re: SynchTERM on Windows 2000
    By: Limawhiskey to All on Wed Dec 07 2022 01:20 pm

    Question for those using SyncTERM,

    I have an older Windows 2000 machine that I want to run SyncTERM on. Is there a specific distro I need to be compatible?
    The version I have gotten from the website as well as the binary file gives me the following error on install.
    l Synterm.exe-Entry Point Not Found X l
    l l
    l The procedure entry point _difftime64 could not be located l
    l In the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll I

    Is this someting as simple as finding a 32 bit version?

    No, this is just a limitation in the current beta (XP not supported). There's already an issue filed on the SyncTERM issue list at
    sf.net. Use the latest release (v1.1) and I think you'll be fine on XP.
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    Re: SynchTERM on Windows 2000
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    Thank you for the answer. Great to hear from the man himself. I have a bootable Windows XP partition on that same drive. I will give it a go and see what I can do.

    Have a good morning!

    - Limawhiskey
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